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Course ITIL® Release, Control and Validation
  • Course Duration5 Days
  • Course Options
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The ITIL® Release, Control and Validation course is one of the four phases of the ITIL® Capability cycle of courses. Where the ITIL® Lifecycle courses concentrate on the processes themselves, these courses also concentrate on the Management angle of the ITIL® Lifecycle. Release, Control and Validation specifically addresses the need to ensure that services are planned, built, tested, evaluated and deployed in a controlled manner, ensuring that they meet the organisations requirements, and ensuring that on deployment there is no or minimal disruption to our existing Infrastructure and services, and that the required organisational needs are met, and value realised. This five-day course will take you through an explanation of these fundamentals and show how they drive the need for ensuring that during the transitional activities all aspects of the service and its requirements are considered and managed in a controlled fashion.
    • Delegates are required to have completed the ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management and have a minimum of two years relevant IT experience. Please note that as of January 2013, photographic ID is required for all exams, otherwise results will be withheld until proof has been provided.
A copy of our "Service management as a practice" document will be provided.
A full copy of all course slides, with room to make your own notes

A personal copy of the ITIL® Intermediate Capability

Handbook - Release, Control & Validation

A full copy of the ITIL® Glossary and Acronym List

Course hand-outs to aid further understanding, where applicable

Sample questions
Individual Benefits
You will gain an understanding on how Release, control and validation forms the core of the Service Transition stage of the ITIL® Lifecycle, and works to try and ensure only beneficial changes are introduced into the production environment, in a controlled fashion. It will also become apparent from the training that service transition needs to ensure that all requirements for the service are considered during the build/test/deployment phase, including people, (both the business and IT), processes, measurements and metrics, knowledge, tools etc. If we are to create the expected and required organisational value. By having a better understanding of the best-practice framework, and in this particular course, Release, control and validation, it will enable you to identify areas for improvement back at the workplace, and allow you to develop your current role further, and help you do your job better. The reward being advancement within your company and a potential to increase your salary!
Organisational Benefits

Change Management – Ensuring that changes are controlled and only beneficial changes are allowed to progress to the live environment.

Service Asset and Configuration Management – Having control, sight and an understanding of the assets that make up the services they deliver to the business.

Service Validation and Testing – Provide confidence that new or changed services will provide the expected organisational outcomes and value within the cost, capacity and constraints identified.

Release and Deployment - Involved in release planning, build, test and deployment and review of releases that meet organisational requirements into the production environment.

Request Fulfilment – Dealing with service requests from the organisation.

Change Evaluation – Evaluate the service change throughout the transitional activities, to ensure it will meet the organisational requirements and create the expected organisational value

Knowledge Management – Enable organisations to improve the quality of decision-making by ensuring that reliable and secure information and data are available to allow informative decisions to be made, based on our intellectual capital (our knowledge).

The processes involved in the Release, control and validation course are as follows;
Service Transition is the phase of the ITIL lifecycle responsible for the transitioning of new or changed services into the live environment. Many organisations deliver significant change through formal projects, and the failure to ensure that projects address the full service management and operational requirements as well as the functional requirements can be a costly, or even fatal, mistake to an organisation. Service Transition ensures that the transition processes are streamlined, effective and efficient, so that the risk of delay of deploying solutions into the live environment is minimised. Service Transition also establishes assurance of the expected and actual service deliverables, and integrated elements that each service depends on to deliver and operate the service successfully. These elements include applications, infrastructure, knowledge, documentation, facilities, finance, people, processes, skills and so on.
Target Audience
    • This course will be applicable for you if you are an individual who requires a detailed understanding of the Release, Control and Validation processes and how they may be used to enhance the quality of IT service support within an organisation,
    • Are an IT professional working within an organisation that has adopted and adapted ITIL® but needs to be informed about and thereafter contribute to an on-going service improvement programme, or
    • Are a member of operational staff involved in the following areas who wish to enhance their role-based capabilities: Change Management Release and Deployment, Management Service, Validation and Testing Service Asset and Configuration Management, Request Fulfilment, Evaluation and Knowledge Management
    • Individuals seeking progress towards the ITIL® Master in IT Service Management for which the ITIL® Expert is a prerequisite.
    • Are in one of the following IT professions or areas: Release Manager, Security Administrator, IT Operations Manager, Database Administrator, Security Manager
What's included
    • For courses held on our premises, complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits are available. Lunch is not provided, however, there is a wide variety of eateries within a short walk of the centre.
    • Comprehensive course materials and exercises
Course Content
    • Key Topics
      Assessment of changes

      How to build, test and deploy releases

      Ensure validation of changes before promoting into production

      Evaluating changes once they are in operation to ensure that there are no adverse effects

      Educate all areas by ensuring the right level of knowledge is provided to the right people, through an effective and efficient

      Configuration and Knowledge Management systems
      The ITIL® Release, Control & Validation intermediate certificate is one of the four capability phases that build on the knowledge gained from the ITIL® Foundation certificate. This capability phase is for those who wish to gain a deeper level of understanding of the ITIL® processes and roles, how they are implemented and interact. The primary focus for this ITIL® Release, Control & Validation is to effectively plan service transitions through:


Course Dates Please contact us to discuss dates for this course, thank you


IT Training Solutions Ltd
Oakville, 14 Durham Road West, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AU
0191 377 8377

Printed: 20 Mar 19




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