Help with Microsoft Office products You have two options

1. We build solutions or fix issues for you

If it is a macro-related problem, you can provide us with your macros for us to look at, so we can help you through putting them to work.

Or we create new macros to perform the task(s) you require, so you don't have to think about what is going on under the hood, so to speak.

2. We provide you with training specific to the problem you wish to solve

How this works:- This training takes place remotely,

You share your screen with us screen so we can see the issue,

If we can fix the problem there and then (which happens in the majority of cases) we can demonstrate to you what needs to be done.

This way you get your code fixed and increase your knowledge, thus enabling you to fix similar problems in the future.

If it’s a complex problem that needs time on our part to understand, we can look at it ahead of the training session. We can then explain to you how to fix it. What this means for you:

This means that you can:

Learn how to automate repetitive tasks using macros or have repetitive tasks automated for you

Learn how to automate the creation of deep data analysis and reports easily or have them automated it for you

Access your data easily with an Access database we can design for you

Turn heavy spreadsheets into meaningful data
Hours and Days - Training and support to fit your schedule

You don't need to worry about setting entire days aside for your training and support, you can book an hour each week, each month, or whenever it suits you best.

Which area would you like help with?
  • MicrosoftExcelConsultancy and Development
    • Create complex macros
    • Automate repetitive tasks
    • Automate spreadsheet layout modifications (eg. joining columns, changing column order etc. You might need to do this in order to share your data with other departments )
    • Automate data formatting
    • Automate rearranging data to fit third party formats
    • Automate analysing data with simple or complex calculations
    • Automate report creation
    • Turn your heavy Excel spreadsheets into meaningful data
    • Etc.
  • MicrosoftAccessConsultancy and Development
    • Consolidate data or many large Excel spreadsheets into an Access database
    • Create reports across all of your data
    • Allow more than one person to access the data at the same time
    • Keeping your data in a manageable format such as an Access database will mitigate data loss risks
    • Etc.
  • MicrosoftOutlookConsultancy and Development
    • Keep track of who sent emails, the date and time of when they were sent, who they were sent to, and the content of each email
    • Link emails to your database
    • Automate email creating
    • Send emails automatically from your database, these emails can be checked before they are sent
    • Create your paperwork and attach the PDF to an email automatically
    • Etc.
  • MicrosoftWordConsultancy and Development
    • Create complex macros
    • Automate repetitive tasks
    • Automatically create documents
    • Automatically create PDFs
    • Use templates to protect brand identity
    • Automatically fill document templates with data from your database
    • Etc.

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