• Hourly support for Microsoft Office products
  • Buy a number of hours support and then book them in for a time convenient to you
  • Support takes place remotely, you can share your screen with us (we will show you how to do this if you are unsure) and then we can help you as if we were sat next to you in your office

If we can fix the problem there and then (which happens in the majority of cases) we can demonstrate to you what needs to be done.

This way provides you with a solution and trains you at the same time, thus enabling you to fix similar problems in the future.

If it’s a complex problem that needs time on our part to understand, we can look at it ahead of the support session. We can then explain to you how to fix it.

You have an experienced professional on hand to help you when you get stuck, or when you need a boost to get your tasks done swiftly and easily.

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