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Course Name: Project Essentials

Course Overview

This two day course is designed for individuals who will use Microsoft Project as a tool to assist them in managing projects. The topics in this course cover the critical skills necessary to create and modify a project plan file that contains tasks, resources, and resource assignments.


  • Delegates should have a working knowledge of Windows or they should have completed the Introduction to Windows course. Delegates should feel at ease performing tasks such as arranging, sizing, switching between windows. Previous use of a mouse is assumed on this course.
  • Hand-picked
  • Small course
  • Flexible
    course content

Objectives Title

After attending this course, delegates will be able to:
  • Set up a new project using Microsoft Project
  • Enter tasks including the different durations involved
  • Build a schedule containing tasks and linked tasks
  • Add constraints and deadlines to a project
  • Manage lag and lead times
  • Add and assign resources and deal with resource over-allocation
  • Set up and assign calendars to resources and tasks
  • Use scheduling to control and manipulate multiple task types
  • Use resource / cost / time management, including manual contouring
  • Handle master projects, insert sub projects, linked or detached
  • Use Project Tracking methods
  • Customise The Project Environment. Customise project views, sheets, tables, forms and fields
  • Print standard reports and customise reports
  • Export reports to Excel and Visio

Course Content

Overview of Microsoft Project
Exploring views in Microsoft Project
Tables, forms and charts
Menus and toolbars
Gantt chart and task entry views

Creating a New Plan
How to start a project from scratch
Setting a project finish date or a start date, which is best?
Setting the default working times for the project
Entering properties for the project

Adding Tasks to your plan
Entering tasks into your project
Using the change highlighting feature
Adding task notes
Editing, deleting and rearranging tasks
Using outlining to create summary tasks
When to use estimated durations for tasks

Linking Tasks
Linking tasks using various different methods
Understanding different link types and which one to use
How to alter links between tasks
Recurring tasks
Splitting tasks

Sorting and filtering
Sorting and filtering tasks into a specified order
Using highlights to find specific tasks easily

Using Constraints Efficiently
Using lag and lead to control tasks
Adding deadlines and constraints
Understanding constraint types such as flexible (soft) and Inflexible (Hard) types
Problems with placing constraints on tasks
How to view tasks with constraints and what the symbols mean

Project Resources
Adding resources to your project
Using the correct resource type
Assigning resources to tasks
Assigning resources to work part time on tasks
Dealing with a resource over-allocation
Viewing Resource usage

Calendars and Time
Setting up the standard calendar
Changing the default working time and adding holidays
Using calendars to control different working patterns
Controlling tasks by assigning a task calendar
Sharing your calendars with other projects

Entering costs for resources
Entering costs for tasks independent of resources
Costs and summary tasks

Custom Tables
Understanding custom fields
Naming a custom field
Creating a formula to calculate field values
Calculating formula values for summary tasks
Displaying field values graphically
Formatting task bars based on custom field values

Formatting Gantt Charts
Adding notes and lines to the gantt chart
Alter how the working and non-working time is displayed
Display a project summary bar

Tracking your Project
Setting the baseline
When or if you should clear the baseline
The concepts involved when tracking a project
Updating the tasks that went to plan
Rescheduling tasks that are running late
Entering actual task information
Using the current date feature
Viewing statistics for your project
Comparing you project against what was planned
Viewing how much tasks have slipped
Tips on tracking a project

Planning Techniques
Network Diagrams
New shapes and outline symbols
Viewing and understanding the critical path
How to view slack time (float)
Should tasks be dependent on resources or should they have the duration fixed?

Printing Charts and the Calendar
Create headers and footers using the project properties
Add project-level fields to headers, footers or legends
The options for printing legends
Print setting for the different views

How to use the standard reports
How to print a report of the costs over time
Exporting your reports to Excel or Visio

Master or Consolidated Projects
Master projects (Consolidating)
Creating master projects
Master / sub project properties
Mixing master / sub project tasks

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What's included?

  • 1 delegate per computer
  • Comprehensive course manual and exercises
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  • Telephone and email support
  • Relaxed refreshment area at our training venues
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Training Options

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Private Course Details

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Course DetailsPublic course cost: £495 +VATCourse duration: 2 days Course times: 09:30 - 16:30Course dates and locations:

10 Sep 2018
11 Sep 2018
Location: Durham

05 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018
Location: Newcastle

28 Jan 2019
29 Jan 2019
Location: Newcastle

04 Mar 2019
05 Mar 2019
Location: Durham

Course Reviews
❝Trainer knew everything there was to know about the software, brilliant. I wouldn't improve the training, excellent❞
H.D. - Siemens Transmission & Distribution Ltd
❝Very, very good. Exactly what I needed from the course.❞
R.W. - Siemens Transmission & Distribution
❝Really good course - very helpful and easy to carry over into working life.❞
K.I. - De La Rue
❝Loved it - would like further training courses by IT Training Solutions❞
J.T. - Four Housing Group
❝Really outstanding❞
N.D. - Four Housing Group
❝Very good, helpful and supportive.❞
F.R. - Tridonic UK Ltd
❝Clear, easy to follow and was delivered at the right pace. Excellent overall - would book through this company again❞
C.F. - Barnardo's
❝Very useful Course❞
L.A. - Nifco UK

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