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Tips and Tutorials - Microsoft

Microsoft Excel

Why use Excel Pivot Tables and Charts?  How to check what a Macro does before you run it Create an Excel chart in less than 10 seconds See and select all sheets in your Excel Workbook Top 5 Excel Shortcuts Making use of the Quick Access Toolbar Microsoft Excel
Complex Functions - IF
Changing the view
in Excel
Using Formulas
in Excel
Microsoft Excel
Using Functions
in Excel
Microsoft Excel
Complex Functions - SUMIF
Microsoft Excel
Workbooks and Worksheets
Excel VBA
Getting VBA to check variables

Microsoft Outlook

How to Archive Mail
in Microsoft Outlook
How to Add and Remove Users onto a Permissions List in Microsoft Outlook How to Print a Contact's Details in Outlook

How to Add a Personal Note from the Calendar View in Microsoft Outlook How to Sort the Contact Grid in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Publisher

MS Publisher: Borders, Border Art,
Shading and Shadows

MS SQL Server

MS SQL Server 2005 Querying Using Transact- T-SQL Operators

Microsoft Visio

How to Duplicate Shapes in Microsoft Visio Resizing Shapes in Microsoft Visio How to Move Shapes in Microsoft Visio How to Use the Dynamic Grid in Microsoft Visio How to Group and Layer Shapes in Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Section Breaks How to Apply Multi Level Lists in Microsoft Word How to create your own
template in Microsoft Word
How to Turn on / off Ribbon toolbar
options in Microsoft Word
How to Set the Language in Microsoft Word How to protect a form in Microsoft Word VBA for Word: Viewing the code behind a macro Business Card Templates
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