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System and Database Design and Development

✓  Record your information systematically and easily System and Database Design
✓  Track your information such as: orders, requests, deliveries, customers, staff, accounts, job lists
✓  Retrieve your information on a small or large scale reliably and accurately, every time

Do you need an experienced professional to help you with your current project? No problem, just give us a call on 0191 377 8377.

What is X?

X=34?   X=458?    X=28?

What is X? You decide.

Your project, your vision is like that X - you define it. Just let us know what you decide, and we will help you in whatever way you need.

For example, one client needed a contact management system. She found it difficult to manage her client information and struggled to stay up to date in her competitive market sector. She asked us to design a contact management system for her which would enable her to manage her customers efficiently and reliably. This we did, and with her new system she can track sales leads whilst also identifying gaps in the market as they appear. She now stores, tracks and recalls contact information with ease and confidence, allowing her to get on with the more important things.

Whether you need us to fix a problematic system or create a shiny new one specific to your requirements, we are only a phone call away.
Also, when the project is finished, we can show you how to edit it, update it, and add to it, if you would like us to. Or if you prefer, you can be involved in the nitty gritty right from the very beginning, giving you an intricate knowledge of your project from the word go. You define the X.
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