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Course Name: Adobe Dreamweaver Level 1

What is Dreamweaver:

Dreamweaver is a professional visual design solution for building websites and Internet application features, without having to write any HTML code by hand. It's designed to be "what you see is what you get". What you design in the Dreamweaver 'document window' will be coded and placed in the document, so that the browser will display the page just as you see it in your Dreamweaver window. Making it a perfect choice for anyone without any web development experience. Dreamweaver has a larger array of features and functions, including some site management functions.

Course Overview

This course is designed primarily for new or prospective web designers, web developers, and visual designers who want to learn the basic features of Adobe Dreamweaver to design, build, and upload professional-looking websites. After completing this course, users will be able to create Web sites that include: Text, Tables, Graphics, and Links using the industry's leading web authoring tool.


  • To ensure your success, you must have a good understanding of your computer's filing system. For example, you should know how to manage files and folders, create and save files. It would be useful if you also had experience of navigating the Internet and websites. The course does not require any previous knowledge of HTML (language of the World Wide Web) but any HTML and/or CSS skills you may have would not be wasted.
  • Hand-picked
  • Small course
  • Flexible
    course content


After attending this course, delegates will be able to:
  • Define a new site within Dreamweaver and explain the basic issues concerning proper site design.
  • Create a web page and manipulate text through the use of CSS.
  • Create a new web page that contains images, understand the JPG, GIF and PNG graphic formats
  • Add columns of text and images to a page using Tables to control and manipulate layout
  • Navigate easily around your website using different types of links.
  • Upload a site to a remote Live Web server.

Course Content

Internet Access and HTML
The World Wide Web Concept
Introduction to HTML

Getting Started
The Dreamweaver Environment: Panel Groups, Insert Bar, Properties Inspector, Document Toolbar, Status Bar
Setting up and defining a site
Directories and folders
Viewing a Page
Design View
Code (HTML)
Code and Design
Preview in Browser
Viewing and Managing HTML Code

Defining Page properties
Setting document properties
Titles and metatags
Background colours and images
Visited and active link properties
Margins and spacing

Defining Meta Data
Defining Head Elements
Editing Meta Tags
Optimising for search engines

Formatting text with CSS
CSS Options: Class, ID, Tag, Compound
Applying colours
Creating styles
Soft and hard returns
Importing text from other programs
Adding special characters

Using Images
Images File Types
Inserting Images
Alt & Title attribute
Editing the Properties of an Image
Image Size and Title
Watch the Download Times

Creating and editing hyperlinks
E-mail links and external links
Linking to Other Files
E-mail links and external links
Using images as links

Rollovers, Image maps and Behaviours
Creating Image Maps
Linking and target attributes
JavaScript Rollovers
CSS Rollovers
Modifying events and actions

Tables in Web Pages
Creating Tables
Table Width
Adjusting Table Properties
Cell Borders, Cell Padding and Cell Spacing
Adding and Deleting Columns or Rows
Merging and splitting cells
Adjusting Height and Width
Deleting a Table
Nested Tables

Testing & uploading
Checking Links
Accessibility and compatibility
Dealing with orphaned files
Using FTP
Uploading and updating files

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Course DetailsPublic course cost: £495 +VATCourse duration: 2 days Course times: 09:30 - 16:30Course dates and locations:

27 Mar 2017
28 Mar 2017
Location: Durham

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