Visual Basic Courses

    • This course is an introduction to the Visual Basic (VB.NET) programming language. It will cover the basic building blocks of the Visual Basic programming language, such as how .NET is different from traditional programming, defining variables, control structures (If..Else, loops etc) and operators, before moving on to key concepts such as classes, objects, properties and methods. It will then move on to more advanced subjects such as Shared and Abstract behaviour, enumerations and error handling. It will provide delegates with a skill base from which they can go on to develop .NET applications on either the Windows Forms or ASP.NET platforms.

      Please note that this is the .NET version of Visual Basic (version 7 and above). It is not suitable if you want to learn VB6 or below, or Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Please contact us if you are unsure if this is the right course for your VB requirements.